Information Concerning Temporary Crowns

  1. Your temporary crown(s) will be on for approximately 2 weeks while your permanent crown is being fabricated
  2. The temporary must stay on. Your temporary is held on with moderate strength cement. Occasionally, it may loosen or come off before your scheduled crown seat appointment. If this happens, the tooth may move, become sensitive, or cause inflammation if you do not have a temporary put back on. Any of these conditions may prevent timely placement of the final restoration. DO NOT PANIC should the temporary come off, please call our office so that we may properly re-cement it for you. (513) 771-9190
  3. Your jaw, as well as the tissue around the tooth, may be sore. You can take 600mg of Ibuprofen (3 Advil) every 6 hours as needed for any discomfort. You can also rinse with warm salt water if your gum tissues become sore
  4. You may want to avoid this area because it may be tender; however, it is important to brush the gum tissue around the temporary crown to keep it healthy. We also recommend that you DO NOT FLOSS around the temporary crown. If you accidentally floss this area, PULL THE FLOSS STRAIGHT THROUGH, DO NOT PULL UP. Pulling the floss upward will loosen the temporary
  5. Avoid chewing gum, eating sticky foods such as caramels, suckers, jolly ranchers etc. that can pull the temporary off. Also, be sure to avoid extremely hard foods, you can easily break the temporary.
  6. Occasionally, some patients experience canker sores in their mouth around the area of treatment. They look like white blisters and sometimes may be open. You can rinse with warm salt water or you can buy any over the counter canker sore products. It does take 3-7 days for the sores to go away, please be patient

By following these simple instructions, your temporary crown should stay intact and comfortable until you return for your permanent crown(s)

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