Our History

Alpha Dental and its affiliated dental offices were founded on one simple principle: providing access to quality dental care at an affordable cost. Our goal is to never sacrifice quality and provide patients with a holistic approach to improving their dental health.

Starting in a small town of Logan, Ohio, Alpha Dental was founded with humble beginnings. Launching in 2010, we began offering dental care in a small office that could only house four patient chairs. Since then, Alpha Dental has remained a family-owned business that expanded to other cities in order to provide a larger reach.

As Alpha Dental continues to grow, so does our commitment and focus on quality. We continue to reinvest in ourselves with state-of-the-art technology and premium materials for better treatment results. Our chartless offices are accompanied with various integrative software to give patients convenience and a piece of mind when it comes to both privacy and reminders.

The History of Alpha Dental

From The Beginning


Alpha Dental Logan

Providing basic restorative dental treatments and some oral surgery for local residents.


Alpha Dental West Columbus

To help service the underserved community in West Columbus.


Alpha Dental Ashland

To complement the student health center in Ashland University. It has since welcomed all residents


Alpha Dental East Columbus

After receiving strong support from the Whitehall City council members and department of economic development.


Going Digital

Alpha Dental offices go all digital. From Xrays to Charting, we eliminated 100% of xray films and 80% of paper usage.

We eliminated the massive amounts of paper charts to reduce our carbon footprint and invested in integrative software to help patients stay in close contact with their respective offices.


Alpha Dental Marion

The office was the first office to have an emphasis in oral surgery and provided multiple surgery suites for IV Sedation procedures.


Alpha Dental Springfield

After the beloved Pizza Hut hang-out joint in Springfield closed, we completed a deep renovation of the building and began serving Clark county residents with quality dental care.

Alpha Dental Zanesville

That same year, Alpha Dental Zanesville continues the care of Princeton Family Dental patients after it retired. Alpha Dental added oral surgery and many new services to the area in order to better serve the Muskingum County residents.


Alpha Dental Akron

In a convenient shopping plaza of the ACME Supermarket on Manchester Rd. Although a smaller office, it bolsters a wide range of dental services including implantology.


Alpha Dental Education

Alpha Dental Learning facility received accreditation by the Ohio State Dental Board to provide CE courses.


Alpha Dental Education

Alpha Dental’s interactive learning classroom offered its first BLS CPR course along with a course in Advanced Cosmetic Fillings.

Sharonville Family Dental

Sharonville Family Dental opened in September after waiting out the COVID pandemic restrictions and floor-to-ceiling remodeling. With all new equipment and facility, the office began to re-continue care from established patients and welcomed new patients.


Alpha Dental Dayton

Alpha Dental Dayton continues to provide excellent quality dental care to the patients from a major dental center on Salem Ave while offering a wide range of surgery services for the all patients.