Our Values

At Alpha Dental, we know how important a healthy smile is. Not only does it accent a person’s appearance, the impact on their health is tremendous. We make it our mission to provide quality dental care both comfortably and affordably. We integrate new technology to give patients the best customer service and treatment options.

It is our hope to dispel patient fear towards dental visits. Whether you are anxious, in pain, or simply shy about your smile, we are not here to judge or make matters worse. Our friendly staff only has your comfort in mind and we only want the best for you. This is why we also offer a wide variety of sedation techniques to help patients relax and wake up with a new smile.


We approach dentistry in a holistic viewpoint and we take risk into consideration when giving patients their options. Once the patient mutually agrees on a great treatment plan, we make sure to deliver the best quality work given the limitations of science.


It is never easy to set foot into a dental office. Plenty of people have a fear of the dentist or simply feel embarrassed. Our doctors and staff are always welcoming and there to help you through that anxiety. Plus, we offer all kinds of sedation options.


We understand that dental care can be costly, this is why we give patients plenty of treatment options on top of payment plans based on their situation. We offer payment plans that have no fees and no interest for those that qualify. We also offer options that require no credit check.


Alpha Dental is constantly investing in new technology to help our patients. After going all digital, not only are we able to give patients convenient communication options and we are able to better diagnose problems. Digital X-Rays and Scanners help our patients to get a better diagnosis of the issue.

Questions? We’re here to help!