$90 Simple Extractions

Don't live another day with a tooth that is bothering you. If you have a tooth that needs to be extracted, mention this advertisement and receive one simple extraction procedures for only $90. (Does not apply to wisdom teeth, teeth broken to the gum-line, teeth that have had root canals previously performed, or any other surgical extraction)

Tooth Colored Fillings (20% off with Membership)

Have sensitivity or pain due to cavities? Let our doctors painlessly fill those cavities with resin-based white composite to match the color of your teeth.

Most Root Canals (20% off with Membership)

In need of a root canal? Our doctors will help to provide comfortable canal therapy treatment and take away the fear of this procedure.

Implants (20% off with Membership)

Need to replace a missing tooth? Come in for a consultation on single tooth or implant retained dentures.



FREE Teeth Whitening

All of our locations offer FREE teeth whitening. After your treatment, an impression of your teeth will be taken. That impression is then made into a custom fit whitening tray. You will receive 2 tubes of professional strength whitening gel once your trays are ready. Come back in 6 months for your check up, and we will give you another 2 FREE tubes of gel if you don't have any treatment you need rendered.

$65 Teeth Cleaning

Oral health means more than just an attractive smile! Untreated oral disease and conditions may have a significant impact on quality of life. Having a great smile can leave a lasting impression! Cleanings must be accompanied by paid exam & x-rays.

Patients can opt to sign up for our $79/yr Alpha Dental Membership which will come with a free exam, a full series x-rays, a panoramic x-ray and one cleaning.​



$25 Fluoride Anytime

Protect your teeth with fluoride applied by one of our dental professionals!

Immediate Dentures

Having your teeth extracted? Come before your scheduled surgery day to get an impression. We will prepare a set of immediate dentures and have you receive them immediately after surgery!


Permanent Dentures

Ranging anywhere from economy dentures all the way to heat cured premium dentures with premium teeth, choose any grade that you're most comfortable with.


We also offer traditional dentures and denture repairs. For a FREE Implanted Denture consult contact your local Alpha Dental office (Xray not included)


Oral Surgery

Our Oral Surgeon and Surgery Teams can help you with all  your surgery needs. From wisdom teeth extractions, full mouth extractions, alveoloplasty, exostosis removal, or any other extraction needs, we are ready to help you through the tough decision. Your comfort and safety is our priority. Rest assured that our professional team will help you through the process. Call to schedule a consultation!


IV Sedation Dentistry

Having your wisdom teeth removed? Anxious? We can provide IV sedation with any dental procedure. IV sedation can be covered by your insurance. Call to check with us today! Even certain Medicaid plans cover IV sedation, for more information, check with your local Alpha Dental Branch. Our Sedation Dentists are ready to help.